Welcome to my photography page, so thank you for visiting it.
Above you'll see the few times that I've actually been in front of the camera which in all fairness doesn't happen all that often. So who am I? 
I go by a variety of nicknames such as D or Andy but I was christened Andrew John. I was born back in 1976 (!) in Jessop's Hospital, Sheffield and grew up in the steel city all my life bar a year that I spent living in Manchester before finally making the move in 2014 to London where I've been ever since.
I've been able to take a photograph for a number of years but I only really took photography fully back in 2010 after my first of many trips to New York. The main reason was that I was told by my partner that I have a good eye for picturing settings after she saw a number of pictures that I took on my then Sony K800i - it had a whole 3 megapixel camera on it. From there my obsession continued to what you're seeing on my website now.
In April of 2017 I was involved in my first ever photography exhibition in London along with a host of other fantastic photographers. The Lumen exhibition was an amazing few days with a great turnout of people viewing my work in public for the first time. 
Hope you like what you see and if you do then don't forget to share my page.
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